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small poet at large

About me:

I’m a poet from Worcester MA. Stanley Kunitz, a native of this old mill town, was asked during his Poet Laureate term why so many poets live here. Mr. Kunitz replied People in Worcester are provoked to poetry! I spent the early 1970’s at Webster College (now University), a community more artist colony than college. My world view is a collision between Worcester and Webster and I’m very grateful.

In the 1990’s, I had a Tuesday morning drive time radio show called CrossTracks on WCUW 91.3 FM. The format was an eclectic mix of music followed by a guest (songwriter or poet) who performed in studio and spun their favorite recordings. I was enriched by my guests and they pushed me out the door into poetry venues. The link to the radio shows, artist reviews, and playlists is here.

In the early 2000’s, I was President of the non-profit Poetry Oasis, Inc. and managing editor of our journal Diner. Oasis ran a weekly venue with an open mike followed by a feature. Our goal was to grow poetry in Worcester and to be a resource for new and established poets.

In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with throat & tongue cancer. Started treatment on Groundhogs Day, finished in early June. I remain cancer free, lucky & blessed. Recovery is a slow boat. My brain didn’t clear enough to write poetry until March 2012. I’ve been asked if cancer changed me. There’s no way for me to know. All that happened was in a series of slow cycles. I feel freer and more focused post-cancer. Perhaps the lessons of cancer affected my approach to living and sense of self. Cancer takes but cancer gives. Every day is a gift not to be wasted.

Poetry is an oral and written art. The page and the stage bring poems alive from alternate angles. Worcester has a full calendar of readings and performances. I enjoy performing at opens and do features in New England.

Always delighted to meet folks and appreciate feedback, contact link below. I believe art is enriched by community. All my poems were written with the help and critique of workshops and writing groups. I really love what my peers give to me and hope that I give at least as much in return.