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small poet at large

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following publications in which these poems first appeared or are forthcoming:

About Place Journal      
CAT Scan” (edited by Annie Finch)
         “Wind In Pines” (edited by Michael McDermott)

The Apeiron Review      

Boston Literary Magazine      
Dad says Grace” and “Mrs. Noah’s Bitch”
         “fil de téléphone” and “The other side”

The Broadkill Review
The Grim Reaper", "Quảng Ngãi café", and "Frog and toad are friends"

Camroc Press Review      
“Chemo Brain” and “A recent National Geographic survey indicates that eleven per
            cent of the young people in this country can't locate the United States on a map”

Concrete Wolf      
In the Nick of Time”

         "The Trial Survey"


         "Anaphora for Ann"

Eunoia Review
         "Wallpaper peeling above the headboard"

Fat City Review      
Anesthesia” and “Sound and Sense”

Incessant Pipe
          “Summer in St. Louis” (excerpt)

“Oh, Missouri”

Midstream Magazine      

Muddy Water Poetry Review
         "Dying Poet's Society"

Mulberry Fork Review
"Uncle Louie and Simon Bell"

Oddball Magazine

          "Möbius strip"

OVS Magazine (Organs of Vision and Speech)
“Moses on The Green Line”

Poetry Quarterly      
Taxi Dancer (July 1975)”
         “Toni tutors townies”
         “Tefillah echad”, “To Katrina, wherever you are, xoxoxo”, and
         “Fifteen years cutting fish in the market, only once…”
         "Fifteen minutes of fame"

Puff Puff Prose Poetry and a Play
         “Let all our vows and oaths, all the promises
            we make and the obligations we incur to you, O God, between this Yom Kippur
            and the next, be null and void should we, after honest effort find ourselves unable
            to fulfill them. Then may we be absolved of them.
- Gates Of Repentance”

“thunder in a bottle”
         "Frank Stanford sitting on a cumulonimbus near the gate that bypasses Purgatory"

“The Fifth Floor”
The Devil talks to his teenage son and gets raked over the coals”

Red Eft Review
         “It's Tuesday so this must be Dana-Farber"

Rocky Mountain Review
          "Dad says Grace" and "Wind In Pines""

“Agita”, “John Lennon writes a note to Sean’s teacher”, and “Nitrous Oxide”
         “Talmud, standing, facing Teacher” and “The Scroll of Jerú”
         “Casualty and Medic reconnect on Facebook”, “Cpl Jim on his furlough Thanksgiving 1942 -
         BROWN PHOTO SERVICE, Minneapolis, Minn. DEC 11 1942”, “My infusion nurse smiles
         as she releases the clamp on my pic line and invites Cisplatin in”, “Reincarnation at the tag sale”,
         “Rosh Hashanah 5775 – Yom Sheni”, and “Unreasonable”
         "Yellow wine" and "Willy Grubbs"         

         “Niagara Falls, 1972”
“The antique store”

The Worcester Review      
“Joan Ellis, rest peacefully”
        "Skating on the edge of flesh"

Vietnam War Poetry
"Hippie", "Match of the wooden soldiers", and "40 years later"

Appreciation to the following journals who reprinted these poems:

Ibbetson Street
“The Fifth Floor”

The Niagara Poetry Project      
“Niagara Falls, 1972”

Puff Puff Prose Poetry and a Play
         “Match of the wooden soldiers” and “Joan Ellis, rest peacefully”

“The antique store”

“The Fifth Floor” and “TUNIS”
         “The Devil talks to his teenage son and gets raked over the coals”