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small poet at large

John Lennon writes a note to Sean's teacher

Dear Ms. Goodenberry,

Sean was absent from school yesterday
I might say he was ill but that'd be a lie
We kept him home because he was well   naked
and lying on an empty canvas in Yoko's studio
he dipped his palms in paint   spun in
circles   ovals   diamonds
using elbows knees forehead backside
even his penis to draw daydreams
by the time he was bored it was too late to
            get the paint washed off

I once got in trouble in Art School for coming
into class with oils and charcoal all over my kit
didn't want Sean to go through the same grief
nor you because you are a gentle soul
who follows the rules and tries to act stern
enclosed is a Polaroid of the canvas
far beyond a boy's homework assignment

Ta for now, peace and luv,

Published in Soul-Lit
All rights reserved including copyright - Richard H. Fox 2012