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Journals | small poet at large

small poet at large

Links to still active journals where my poems appear:

Above Place Journal, Trees - direct link to "CAT Scan"

Above Place Journal, Voices of the Human Spirit - direct link to "Wind in Pines"

Apeiron Review - scroll down to page 86 for "1971"

Boston Literary Magazine, Summer 2013 - link to issue with "Mrs. Noah's Bitch" and "Dad Says Grace"

Boston Literary Magazine, Winter 2015 - link to issue with "The Other Side" and "fil de téléphone"

Boston Literary Magazine, Winter 2017 - link to issue with "Balance"

The Broadkill Review - direct link to "Quảng Ngãi café", "Frog and toad are friends", and The Grim Reaper"

Camroc Press Review - direct link to "Chemo Brain"

Eunoia Review - direct link to "Wallpaper peeling above the headboard"

Incessant Pipe - direct link to "Summer in St. Louis (excerpt)"

Muddy River Poetry Review - direct link to "Dying Poets Society"

Mulberry Fork Review - direct link to "Uncle Louie & Simon Bell"

Poetry Quarterly - link to journals sales page

Radius - April 29, 2015 - direct link to "it was one of us"

Radius - August 13, 2016 - direct link to "Frank Stanford sitting on a cumulonimbus near the gate that bypasses Purgatory"

Red Eft Review - direct kink to "It's Tuesday so this must be Dana-Farber"

Rocky Mountain Revival - direct line to audio journal with "Dad says Grace" and "Wind In Pines""

Soul-Lit Volume 2 - direct link to "Agita", "John Lennon writes a note to Sean's teacher", "Nitrous Oxide", "The Fifth Floor", and "TUNIS"

Soul-Lit Volume 8 - direct link to "Talmud, standing, facing Teacher", "The Scroll of Jerú", and "The Devil talks to his teenage son and gets raked over the coals."

Soul-Lit Volume 10 Feature - direct link to interview and poems: "My infusion nurse smiles as she releases the clamp on my pic line and invites Cisplatin in", "Rosh Hashanah 5775 — Yom Sheni", "Cpl Jim on his furlough Thanksgiving 1942", "Unreasonable", "Reincarnation at the tag sale", and "40 years later"

Soul-Lit Volume 15 - direct link to "You didn't say no", "the penultimate optimist,", and "how to tell my dog I'm dying"

Soul-Lit Volume 21 - direct link to"Yellow wine" and "Willie Grubbs"

Strange Poetry - direct link to "CANCER SUCKS! (yeah—I know that’s “trite, overused”. Bite me.)"

Vietnam War Poetry - direct link to "40 Years Later", "Hippie", and "Match of the Wooden Soldiers"

Worcester Magazine's Poetry Town - direct link to "Tammany Hall (May 1976)"

The Worcester Review, Volume 38 - direct link to "Skating on the edge of flesh"