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TUNIS | small poet at large

small poet at large


When I stepped on African soil, I waited for my toes to burn...

The detour our guide chose -

Before Sidi Bou Said, white walls blue shutters gray cobblestone alleys
Before the Phoenician field of stones, each blessing a first born sacrificed to Baal
Before Hannibal's Carthage, buried by Byzantine brick and Roman marble
Before Augustus' Baths, Corinthian columns glaring like hawks at rows of catapult balls
Before the Palace of Bardo's mosaics, ancient sandstone veins

The detour passed by...

The United States Second World War Cemetery of North Africa
two thousand seven hundred markers in parade formation
my father's classmates
grass greener than any golf course
I yearn to walk with my sons down the rows
leave pebbles on each Cross and Star of David
let the blood beneath our soles join us to this land

Published in Midstream Magazine
All rights reserved including copyright - Richard H. Fox 2001