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Table of Contents | small poet at large

small poet at large

You're my favorite horse

Table of Contents

A brave one
how to tell my dog I’m dying
The penultimate optimist
Squamous Haiku: ICU dreamscape
The thoracic surgical pod: 4 a.m.
The phlebotomist
Skating on the edge of flesh
A Brave One
Categorical Shift
Squamous Haiku: Malignant
CANCER SUCKS! (yeah—I know that’s “trite, overused”. Bite me.)
On the nature of hope
In response to youthful Weltanschauung—redux

Lyrical withdrawal
Frank Stanford sitting on a cumulonimbus near the gate that bypasses Purgatory
Taxi Dancer take two (May 1976)
At sixteen on a balmy August day
77 Sunset Slick
St. Louis heat burst
Möbius strip
An Assignation with Death
Memorial Day

Uncle Louie wonders if the North Star is leading him astray
Uncle Louie learns a shipmate’s ropes on the voyage from White Russia to the land where streets are paved with gold
Uncle Louie feels his sea legs ripple
Uncle Louie sees the tide turn but gets caught in the rip current
Uncle Louie tracks his mentor to a sick bay
Uncle Louie watches one get away
Uncle Louie, late for battle, stomps the decks
Uncle Louie schools his nephews in proper nighttime deportment
Uncle Louie stands watch over his great-nephews
Uncle Louie sets a course but loses his compass
Uncle Louie visits his niece after her surgery for women’s problems
Uncle Louie ushers me through The Revere Beach Boardwalk rides
Uncle Louie transforms boychikels into shtarkers Uncle Louie asks me for a lift home but first braces himself for the voyage Uncle Louie follows a hunch at Suffolk Downs and screws the pooch
Uncle Louie hits the rack
Uncle Louie makes friends at the West Roxbury VA Hospital
Uncle Louie directs us what to salvage from his quarters now that he berths at the VA hospital
Uncle Louie maneuvers The Seven Seas, The US Navy, The Great War

Divrei Torah
On the nature of knuckles and knives
Old Country remedies
Wallpaper peeling above the headboard
December 7 on the Cusp of The Millennium
Yom Kippur D’Var Torah
Tiananmen Tank Tamer
Quảng Ngãi Café
The difference between life and death, 1/2 of 1%
Committing Bill’s ashes to The Gulf of Mexico at 26° 28’ 623” N x 82° 14’ 14.402” W
April plunge
Frog and toad are friends
Wedding Poem: we sense your love
The new plot

Glossaries and Notes
Navy Glossary for Uncle Louie poems
Yiddish Glossary for Uncle Louie poems

Recommended reading
Chloé McFeters - C is for Courage
A coloring book of mandalas and writing journal with prompts for cancer patients and their families. Coloring allows the mind to wander. Writing has a fetching way to pull the subconscious onto the page, to reveal suppressed emotions and fears. You do not need to be a writer or artist to use this book, just a person trying to deal with cancer.

Dr. Paul Kalanithi -
When Breath Becomes Air
Written by a neurosurgeon who becomes a terminal lung cancer patient, this memoir chronicles how life changes after diagnosis. The epilogue penned by his wife broke my heart.

John Green -
The Fault in Our Stars
This novel about two teenage cancer patients rings true. You see the cancer experience through their eyes, feel their acceptance, glimpse how enduring treatment (“bravery”) becomes just another part of their lives.

For general information on cancer, start here: