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small poet at large

Time Bomb's list of poems:

Time Bomb has four sections: Rue details heroes, traps and tricks. Better living through cancer chronicles the cancer experience from the patient’s perspective. Clan Webster recalls characters and events from Webster College in the 1970‘s, the dream that was real. Keeping time for my history reflects on life in this old mill town along the mighty Kittacuck.

Better living through cancer
Clan Webster
Keeping time for my history
John Lennon writes a note to Sean’s teacher
Moses on the Green Line
Fun with Dick and Jane
Sound and Sense
The antique store
Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Romeo & Juliet at Auschwitz
A recent National Geographic survey indicates that eleven per cent of the
       young people in this country can't locate the United States on a map
Atlas and Sisyphus break for tea

Better living through cancer
Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
- Maya Angelou
Dad says Grace
Day One
CAT Scan
The Alphabet of Head & Neck Cancer
Chemo Brain
Nitrous Oxide
Naked in four acts
Little Bang
Mesh Radiation Mask
Time bomb
Radiation Brain
Let all our vows and oaths, all the promises we make and the obligations we incur to
       you, O God, between this Yom Kippur and the next, be null and void should we,
       after honest effort find ourselves unable to fulfill them. Then may we be absolved
       of them.
- Gates Of Repentance
In the fog

Clan Webster
Oh, Missouri
Cuivre River State Park 5am 1971
Match of the wooden soldiers
Mrs. Noah’s Bitch
Unloading reefers with Edgar
Niagara Falls, 1972
Joan Ellis, rest peacefully
Einstein Gothic
Taxi Dancer (July 1975)
Mara Blonde Punk

Keeping time for my history
Between three men, one woman, and a dog
The Devil talks to his teenage son and gets raked over the coals.
In the Nick of Time
As the twig is bent, so grows the tree
Yussel’s stool
Kinder, 1960
Life Threatening
To Adam on a Utah mountain where Navajo spirits weave his belief that Zady is one
       of the righteous men who keep this world from being destroyed
The Day I Was Conceived
Daycare in the 1950’s
The Fifth Floor
Talmud, standing, facing Teacher