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Acknowledgments | small poet at large

small poet at large


For Ann, Dan, & Adam
Mom & Dad
thank you for my life

Heartfelt thanks to John Hodgen for mentoring, editing, and delivering this book.

Appreciation for Judy Ferrara and Dan Lewis for their invaluable advice and Kristina England for suggesting the book’s title.

I’m grateful for my writing groups: Southgate Workshop and Poetry Happens Workshop. My poems come of age in villages.

Thanks to BeJae Fleming for encouragement, support, and friendship.

Stanley Kunitz was asked why this old mill town breeds so many poets. His response: People in Worcester are provoked to poetry! I second that motion.

Front cover photo:
On the Roof by Mark William Rabiner -
Mark, thanks for inspiring me with your vision and insight.

Rear cover photo:
Dan Tappan,

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following publications in which these poems first appeared, some in an earlier form:

About Place Journal “CAT Scan”

The Apeiron Review “1971”

Boston Literary Magazine “Dad says Grace” and “Mrs. Noah’s Bitch”

Camroc Press Review “Chemo Brain” and “A recent National Geographic survey indicates that eleven per cent of the young people in this country can't locate the United States on a map”

Concrete WolfIn the Nick of Time”

Fat City Review “
Anesthesia” and “Sound and Sense”

Maelstrom “Oh, Missouri”

Midstream Magazine “TUNIS”

OVS “Moses on The Green Line”

Poetry Quarterly “
Taxi Dancer (July 1975)”

Sahara “
The Devil talks to his teenage son and gets raked over the coals” and “The Fifth Floor”

Soul-Lit “Agita”, “John Lennon writes a note to Sean’s teacher”, and “Nitrous Oxide”

twist “The antique store”, “Niagara Falls, 1972”, and “Rue”

The Worcester Review “Joan Ellis, rest peacefully”

Appreciation to the following journals who republished poems, some in an earlier form:

“The Fifth Floor” Ibbetson Street

“Niagara Falls, 1972” The Niagara Poetry Project

“The antique store”

Soul-Lit “The Fifth Floor” and “TUNIS”