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Pre-Publication News | small poet at large

small poet at large

Pre-Publication News:

July 30, 2013: Here is the proof for the back cover of Time Bomb:

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Text of reviews here


July 23, 2013: Here is the proof for the front cover of Time Bomb:

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July 16, 2013: This week, I received pdf’s of the cover and text for Time Bomb from the book designer. I’ve been going through the pdf’s making minor spacing adjustments and a few changes. My poems are challenging to typeset. I use atypical spacing which must be ported from an 8.5”x11” document to a smaller page and a different font. When the cover (back and front) is finalized, it will be posted here. I’m very excited as this project comes closer to being a reality.



June 24, 2013: This has been a good fortnight (love that word!) for journal submissions. In the next issue of OVS, “Moses on The Green Line” will appear. Poetry Quarterly will publish Taxi Dancer (July 1975)” this summer. Today, Camroc Press Review accepted “Chemo Brain” and “A recent National Geographic survey indicates that eleven per cent of the young people in this country can't locate the United States on a map” for publication at a date to be determined.

Two poems, “In the fog” and “Instead”, were added to the manuscript bringing the count to 60.


June 17, 2013: Yesterday, two poems in my Time Bomb manuscript were published online by Boston Literary Magazine. The printed magazine will be available in a few weeks. “Mrs. Noah’s Bitch” honors my friend and Webster classmate Jane Ellen Ibur. Janie crafts persona poems, many from Mrs. Noah’s point of view at Biblical times and now. I love them and I love Janie and decided to write her a Mrs. Noah poem as a gift. “Dad says Grace” appropriately hit the web on Fathers’ Day. It is dedicated to my Dad on his 90th birthday. Dad teaches through his actions.

I met with the book designer on Thursday. Instead of the standard 6”x9” format, we will likely go with 7”x10”. It seems my attraction to long lines and wide spacing needs a larger canvas.


June 10, 2013: My manuscript "Time Bomb" is fully edited and has been sent to the publisher. On Thursday, I head north to meet with the book designer and work on layout details. I hope to have a firmer estimate on book release date and cost. Special thanks to my editor.

June 3, 2013:
Time Bomb’s cover will feature this image by photographer Mark William Rabiner. Check out Mark’s evocative work at The photo is titled “On the Roof” and was shot in Portland OR in 1978.

Click on photo for larger view
Naomi Roofsm

I find many stories in this image that compel telling. One is a poem in the book.

May 27, 2013: The manuscript is assembled and ready for book design. There will still be some tweaks, mostly to the pages without poems. Time Bomb will have four sections:
Rue - heroes, traps, and tricks
Better living through cancer - patient's perspective on the cancer experience
Clan Webster - the dream that was real, Webster College in the 1970s
Keeping time for my history - sixty years in celluloid: family poems
I will have news soon about the cover photograph. It is special.

May 20, 2013: The editing is finished though there may be a few tweaks over the next month. Time Bomb will be the book’s title (thanks to Kristina England for the suggestion). Working on cover design and hope to have an announcement about that soon. Meeting with the production/printing team in June. Projected publication date is September 1, 2013.

May 13, 2013: Approximately 80% of my new book has been edited. I am very grateful and thankful to my editor for his time and effort. The manuscript is tentatively titled Time Bomb, but that may change (works for the ms, but maybe not in light of recent events). I am hoping for the book to be available in late summer or early autumn.

May 6, 2013: One of my cancer poems, "CAT Scan" was published today by About Place, the literary journal of the Black Earth Institute. The subject of the current issue is TREES, edited by Annie Finch. Please head over and read my poem. Feedback always appreciated. Link: