Acknowledgments | small poet at large

small poet at large

wandering in puzzle boxes


Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following publications in
which these poems appeared or are forthcoming, some in an earlier

About Place Journal – “Wind In Pines”
Boston Literary Magazine – “fil de téléphone” and “The other side”
Dămfīno – “The Trial Survey”
Ealain – “Anaphora for Ann”
Incessant Pipe – “Summer in St. Louis”
Poetry Quarterly – “Toni tutors townies”, “Tefillah echad”, “To Katrina,
      wherever you are, xoxoxo” and “Fifteen years cutting fish in
      the market, only once…”
Radius – “it was one of us”
Soul-Lit – “Casualty and Medic reconnect on Facebook”, “Cpl Jim on
      his furlough Thanksgiving 1942 - BROWN PHOTO
      SERVICE, Minneapolis, Minn. DEC 11 1942”, “My infusion
      nurse smiles as she releases the clamp on my pic line and
      invites Cisplatin in”, “Reincarnation at the tag sale”, “Rosh
      Hashanah 5775 – Yom Sheni”, “The Scroll of Jeru ” and
Vietnam War Poetry – “Casualty and Medic reconnect on Facebook”

Special thanks to my wife & best friend Ann, don’t know who I’d be
without you. Sons Dan & Adam, you make me proud every day. Mom,
I must have been fun to raise. My extended family, I am embraced by
your love and support.

Heartfelt gratitude to Robin Stratton—for being a light and believing
in me. Jane Ellen Ibur—my sister in poetry, wielder of truth and
heeded attitude adjustor. Wayne-Daniel Berard—deep-souled Achi,
diviner of spirit and wisdom. Dămfīno Press, LLC—insightful and
skillful editing. John Hodgen & Joe Pacheco—fonts of grace and

These poems were born in community. Appreciation for my writing
Worcester—Southgate Workshop and Poetry Happens Workshop
Sanibel—Group 3 and Poetry Alliance
ADK/Northampton/St. Pete—Nerissa Nields’ Writing It Up In The
Garden retreats


                                  In memory of
                                    Melvin Fox
                           William Gordon Merritt

                  Hope the greens are breaking true.


Cover Design: Lea C. Deschenes, Damfino Press, LLC
Front Cover Photo: Mark William Rabiner, Orpheus by Cristoforo Stati
at the MET
Cover Background Image: xOneca. “Handmade dense labyrinth”
Back Cover Photo: Dan Fox