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Table of Contents | small poet at large

small poet at large

wandering in puzzle boxes

Table of Contents

    Tefillah echad


    Dance of the wily quail
    Two truths and one lie
    Fifteen years cutting fish in the market…
    To Katrina, wherever you are, xoxoxo
    The Gleaning
    Objective ignorance
    Riding Through the Glen
    Toni tutors townies
    it was one of us
    Summer in St. Louis
    pied pipers
    Casualty and Medic reconnect on Facebook
    War stories
    Anaphora for Ann
    Apple of my eye


    The trial survey
    My infusion nurse smiles as she releases…
    Help! I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up!
    Tefillah sheni
    On the nature of bliss
    Wind In Pines
    double vision
    my high school buddies ask me…
    On the nature of learning how to swallow after…
    Thanks for the draft but alcohol is verbotin
    You only live twice: Once when you are…
    Dealer’s choice
    Savant suave
    the crone evaluates her Occupational Therapist
    Driving Test
    Exit 16
    Cpl Jim on his furlough Thanksgiving 1942…
    The last Zero ace testifies
    The original sin
    Rosh Hashanah 5775
Yom Reeshone


    fil de téléphone
    My sister believes Dad’s brothers are calling…
    Piss ant
    If they can
    The other side
    Reincarnation at the tag sale
    In consideration of genius
    When the rain carries me home
    The Scroll of Jerú
    Cayo Costa
    In response to youthful Weltanschauung


    On the nature of humor
    Remotely Van Dyke
    Mamele’s hands
    Rosh Hashanah 5775 – Yom Sheni
    Tefillah shlosha