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Available from Big Table Publishing and Amazon - a new collection (2020):
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includes all the Cassie poems as part of a braided narrative.

"embracing the burlesque of collateral damage is a braided narrative, meaning poems which tell two stories, and the voice in the poems is the link between them. Richard Fox tackles fearlessly, in honest and beautifully crafted poetry, the intricacies and pain of love, family, acceptance and illness. His poems about cancer are particularly stunning. At the end of his poem “The Dying Poets Society” Fox asks an existential question that is both personal, and to those of us endeavoring to live and write in the shadow of cancer, universal: 'I wonder how many more times I will shout from this stage, whether the poetry we crafted is destined for dust or anchors.'”
- Lori Desrosiers, author of several books of poetry, the latest, Keeping Planes in the Air


Available from
Big Table Publishing and Amazon (2017):
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includes 2017 Frank O'Hara Prize Winner "Skating on the edge of flesh"

“In the title poem of this collection, a woman says, ‘You’re my favorite horse, wish you’d get in the race.’ And indeed, in these poems, Richard Fox is all in, particularly in his race against the cancer that he suspects will soon cut short his life. He captures memories that could well disappear—of his irascible Uncle Louie raising hell at the track, of fishmongers with an arsenal of cleavers and knuckle tins, of Jewish immigrants cracking wise in Yiddish. This doesn't mean the poems are rushed; all the while, he finds time for heartbreaking tenderness, like his wish that his dog will ‘watch over me / to know that my body became a corpse, / to know I didn’t just leave him.’ In You’re My Favorite Horse, Richard Fox has written a book of great humor, compassion, and wisdom.”
Jessica Jacobs, author of Pelvis with Distance and In Whatever Light Is Left To Us


Available from
Big Table Publishing and Amazon (2015):
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nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Big Table Publishing

What are you looking for?  I think you'll find it here in Richard H. Fox's second poetry collection, wandering in puzzle boxes. They're all present and accounted for: the poems of love and loss, health and healing, identity and homage, the lyrics and the narratives intertwined.   When this speaker tells me, "I want to wear Coke-bottle glasses, corneas blue whale eyes," I believe him. In fact, I'd follow this man down Alligator Alley and the Massachusetts Turnpike.  I'd stand beside him in "the mourner's waiting line," share a beer while "a folk singer/belts out francophone lyrics over a dreadnought."  I say I would, but I already have.  Put your thumb out, and hitch this humble, honest ride."
Julie Marie Wade, author of When I Was Straight: Poems and Postage Due: Poems & Prose Poems


For copies of TIME BOMB (2013) or

“Time Bomb is a testament to maturity and hard-won wisdom. These finely crafted poems radiate intelligence, black humor and vivid imagination, and are filled with imagery that startles repeatedly but always feels exactly right. Richard Fox is a poet whose raw materials are illness, loss, and disappointment and like the alchemists of old, he changes lead to gold.”
Charles Coe, author of Picnic on the Moon and All Sins Forgiven: Poems for My Parents

The Complete Uncle Louie Poems (2017),

Richard Fox went on stage in Worcester, Massachusetts and read poems concerning Uncle Louie. They were funny, and wise, and full of Yiddish joy. It was a lovely day at the reading when Richard read an Uncle Louie story. That's how I think of them. They are poems, first and foremost, well composed and balanced. But really, these are damn good tales we might hear after a few glasses of Seagram's Seven or a nice cup of slivowitz (that's plum brandy that requires a Cossack's stomach to get down). When Richard read out the latest news of Uncle Louie, I sat, transfixed, with a large smile on my face.
David Macpherson - author and nost of LISTEN! at Nick's-Worcester

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rhf at Nick's 06-17-2018 by Gary Hoare

LISTEN! at Nick's-Worcester 06-17-2018 - Photo by Gary Hoare